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Luxury Portable Restroom Trailer
Luxury Portable Restroom Trailer
Eltia Wedding Portable Restroom

While providing restrooms is an important part of any event, not all events are set where restrooms, or enough of them, are available. In many cases, including weddings, golf outings, and other outdoor events, portable restrooms may be needed. For many events, the standard port-a-potty may not be desired or appropriate. In cases like these, a deluxe portable restroom trailer may be called for. At Associated Products Services, we offer a complete line of deluxe portable restroom trailers including four different portable restroom trailers. The Porta Lisa, our two restroom unit, is great for smaller occasions. The Super Deluxe has both heat and air conditioning and features four private restroom stalls for women and three semi-private urinals and a private restroom stall for men. The Eltia has two private restroom stalls for women, and two semi-private urinals and one private restroom stall for men, while both sides have vanity sinks and full-length mirrors. The Comfort Elite includes two restrooms designated for women and one for men. Our portable restroom trailers are perfect for large or small gatherings and special events where facilities are needed while comfort and appearance are important.

Our deluxe portable restroom trailers provide many of the comforts and conveniences of your home restroom. Our deluxe trailers come with flushing toilets and everything you need to wash your hands including running water, hand soap, and paper towels. These deluxe portable restroom trailers can support over 1300 flushes.

As well as providing deluxe portable restrooms, we also pride ourselves on providing top notch customer service. All of our units are odor free, clean, sanitized, and have hospital grade disinfectant, which is safe for kids. At Associated, we have been providing portable restroom solutions to Central Pennsylvania for over 50 years and we have the portable restroom that is right for you.

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